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Dr.-Ing. Lucas Giller – Business Development Manager and Six Sigma Black Belt for the brand MWM. Dr. Lucas Giller has been with the company since 2013 and is responsible for technical projects in marketing at MWM as part of the Six Sigma management system as a Black Belt project manager.

Dr. Lucas Giller has done research in the past at the Technical University of Darmstadt in the field of the interactions between the combustion chamber and the turbine of gas turbines. The results of his research were recognized with the Best Technical Paper Award from the ASME International Gas Turbine Institute Turbomachinery Committee.


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31.03.2022 | Dr. Lucas Giller in:

Using Biogas Resources for Sustainable, Affordable Heat Supply

To ensure reliable, affordable, and climate-friendly supply of heat and power for businesses and consumers in Germany in the future, the established, proven potential of renewable energies such as biogas needs to be expanded significantly and be utilized even more effectively.

How the Combustion Engine Contributes to Sustainable Heat and Power Supply in the Energy Industry

To draw attention to the sustainability and potential of the combustion engine with a view to a green energy transition, VDMA has initiated a campaign entitled “EMISSION0 – ON THE WAY TO 2050”. In the field of energy generation, the combustion engine will continue to play a key role in reducing emissions.

21.07.2021 | Dr. Lucas Giller in:

Boost the Availability and Efficiency of your Cogeneration Power Plant with Digital Control Systems

Through digital monitoring of CHP plants, plant operators can benefit from improved availability and efficiency on a long-term basis. Cogeneration power plant digitization enables location-independent monitoring of the plant in real time and identifies errors and problems, forestalling potential plant malfunction.

10.05.2021 | Dr. Lucas Giller in:

Tapping the Potential of Waste and Leftovers for the Production of Energy

The use of biomass for energy generation can make a positive contribution to the energy reform. Especially biogas and biomethane from waste and leftovers offer a high potential for sustainable bioenergy production.

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