MWM Energy Blog

In our MWM Energy Blog, you can read articles and posts on topics related to flexible distributed energy generation. In this context, we make reference to current energy policy decisions and laws that are highly relevant to all plant operators. In view of the increase in renewable energies, the combustion engine will continue to play a decisive role in the future. For example, flexible cogeneration power plants with gas engines stabilize the power grid and ensure ongoing energy supply. Any power supply fluctuation resulting from changes in the availability of renewable energies can thus be balanced.

Digitization: The Next Great Topic of the Energy Reform

Apart from information on the markets, services, and trends such as the energy reform and the role of flexible cogeneration power plants in the achievement of climate goals, the advancing digitization is a key topic of the MWM Energy Blog. Digital control systems are not only progressive, they also greatly facilitate the operation and monitoring of the plant by the operator. Digital monitoring and control systems can also be used to log carbon limits in accordance with the statutory requirements of the energy policy. Innovation and future—through the development of innovative technologies, the potential associated with the energy reform can be leveraged in a positive manner, delivering added value to power producers and consumers alike.