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08.12.2021 | Annika Duda in:

Fit for Tomorrow: Operating Gensets with Hydrogen Content of up to 25 Percent

The EU Commission is set to successfully roll out the EU Hydrogen Strategy and become climate-neutral on a long-term basis by 2050. MWM is in the process of introducing gensets in the output range from 400 kW to 4.5 MW, fueled by natural gas with a hydrogen admixture of up to 25 percent.

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06.10.2021 | Nikolaus Zumbusch in:

How Much Green and Blue Does the EU Hydrogen Strategy Provide for?

The EU Commission has presented its European Hydrogen Strategy in Brussels. The ambitious goal is to successfully roll out the EU Hydrogen Strategy by 2050. Hydrogen is thus set to become a key element of the European energy supply.

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How the Combustion Engine Contributes to Sustainable Heat and Power Supply in the Energy Industry

To draw attention to the sustainability and potential of the combustion engine with a view to a green energy transition, VDMA has initiated a campaign entitled “EMISSION0 – ON THE WAY TO 2050”. In the field of energy generation, the combustion engine will continue to play a key role in reducing emissions.

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The energy industry is faced with new challenges propelled by the digitization trend, regulation, and the energy reform. The ultimate goal is to find smart solutions in order to make energy supplier cleaner and more efficient. To make the energy reform successful, innovative solutions are a must. Thus, there is no way around highly flexible, clean combustion engines, such as gas engines or engines that run on synthetic fuels. In this way, we are able to maintain the flexibility that we need in order to supplement alternative energy sources. The MWM Energy Blog zooms in on the latest trends: What is the industry talking about? What appears to viable for the future? Read about ideas and topics for tomorrow without any pressure to immediately transform these into marketable products.


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To us, innovation means not only to focus on today, but to make technologies such as the gas engines even fitter for tomorrow. The development of innovative technologies leverages the successful utilization of the potential of the energy reform, delivering added value to producers and consumers.

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The digital age opens new opportunities and possibilities for economic, sustainable energy generation. The digitization of systems and technical applications makes energy solutions even more efficient and easier to control.

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Energy Transition

The energy transition and the climate goals are creating new challenges for plant operators. Due to the exit from coal and the associated structural change in Germany, flexible cogeneration power plants play a key role. The combustion engine is becoming increasingly significant, as it contributes to the stabilization of the power grid.

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Owing to the transformation of the energy market, the flexibilization of plants for efficient energy generation is gaining in importance. Flexible gas engine-driven combined heat and power plants are trend-setting energy concepts with the help of which Germany's energy and structural transition can be effectively mastered.

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Distributed Energy Systems

As a result of the energy reform and the increasing use of renewable energies, the decentralization trend in Germany is on the rise. Apart from increasing the profitability, distributed energy systems open new business fields for power producers.

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The energy reform has made the transition from power plants running on gas engines more viable for plant operators. Green gas (biogas) offers significant benefits, both ecologically and economically.

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